“How will you, as a designer, add value to a project?”

At the beginning, when planning and discussing potential projects with clients, I’ll often here them pose questions similar to “How will you, as a designer, bring value to our renovation?”

My answer goes something like this…

For me, designing is about creating exceptional ensembles to enhance lifestyle. As a world traveler and spending most of my adolescent life in France, I have been exposed to various styles and culture that reflects in the ways in which I process visionaries for clients.With over twenty years of experience, I have built an amazing team of subcontractors, vendors and suppliers, who have aided in turning visionaries into reality.

Being able to trust a designer is a process through changes in design. My great attention to detail and organisational skills reflects when presenting mood boards to clients and spending time depicting their needs. It is important for me to build a sense of trust as clients and I work closely with them to obtain all the information to bring out the best results.