For over 20 years, Audrey has been sharing her talent as an interior designer creating beautiful decors for interiors & exteriors homes in the

Sarasota area.

Founder, Audrey Arthur, derive her success from her unique chemistry and complementary skill set. Audrey was born and raised in France and she was influenced by a very culturally rich environment.

She established in Florida in 1996.

With their team, they provide excellent service and to their clients that consistently leads to repeat business and rave reviews. Never boring, Audrey Design combines interior design in Sarasota, with a little bit of rock and roll.

Audrey has collaborated closely with her clients to achieve a unique balance of classically contemporary interior decoration from accessible to larger projects. Versatile with many different styles, Audrey strongly believe that interior and exterior designs should reflect the surrounding architecture and more importantly, the people living in them.

They remodel and renovate from more formal condominiums to classic houses and elegant outdoor design waterfront homes. They believe that adherence to budget and schedule are as valued as design in measuring a project’s success.

They work closely with architects and contractors to provide a seamless design experience. Most of their design start with 2 hours in home consultation to assess the needs of their clients and provide direction for their project.

Audrey Design - Interior Designer - Sarasota, Florida