Home Remodeling Sarasota


Home Remodeling Sarasota

At Audrey Design SRQ we guide you to accomplish your next home remodeling in Sarasota. We will provide general construction services specializing in all the intricacies and details of kitchen, bath design and complete home remodeling. We have honed our craft to give you the absolute best results in general construction services for all your home needs. Home remodeling is an immense undertaking. We offer with contractors our build process combines innovative design & thoughtful construction strategies to support your vision every step of the way. You will receive clear information & realistic expectations from the initial meeting to the finishing touches.

Home Remodeling Sarasota - Florida Project 2011

Home Remodeling Sarasota – Florida Project 2011

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With the collaboration of architects, engineers, contractors, we transform the layout, structure, and style of your home. In Sarasota, lots of homes are being remodeled due to the weather condition, and the evolution of design and space throughout the trends. My company will provide you with a full-service home remodeling company. We specialize in complete home remodeling, and design services for every room of your house. Your imagination is the basis of our inspiration and the cornerstone of an exceptional yet functional design.

We work directly with builders that will offer you the best prices, quality, and customer service. With our 20 years of experience in Sarasota, Florida, we will guide you to the best team for your project.

Your home improvement project is much more than just a purchase, we build a relationship with each of our clients to ensure you receive the highest quality service from beginning to end.
We take pride in our ability to transform and reconfigure your house into the home of your dreams that represents your unique personality and lifestyle. Let your imagination and our knowledgeable and friendly staff help you create a home that is truly yours.

Luxurious Home Remodeling - Florida Project 2013

Luxurious Home Remodeling – Florida Project 2013


Deluxe Remodeling Single Family Home - Florida Project 2011

Deluxe Remodeling Single Family Home – Florida Project 2011

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